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Ecommerce, Sales, and Customer service booster packages to launch your LiveChat.
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Ecommerce booster package

Increase your conversions with LiveChat. Reach the best prospects on your ecommerce site.  From award-winning live chat training to integration with your ecommerce platform, we’ve got you covered.

LiveChat Setup

We’ll have you chatting with prospects minutes after you sign up for a trial. From bespoke window branding to agent profiles and query routing, we can make sure your ecommerce chat is awesome.


Need to give your team the tools to succeed? Our award-winning LiveChat training for ecommerce will help your agents turn prospects into customers. The right advice in chat makes it easier for prospects to convert and make bigger orders.

Greeting optimisation for ecommerce

Customers buy more with LiveChat. So run your chat like a well-oiled machine! We’ll help you optimise live chat strategy and chat with more prospects automatically with tailored messaging delivered at the right time.

Goal setup

We’ll make it easy for you to measure your LiveChat success! Goal setup so you can track and analyse ecommerce conversion and data-backed Greetings to make sure you’re delivering the right message at the right time.


Get chatting! LiveChat is friendly tech; we’ll connect it to other tools you’re already using. Need help keeping track of conversions? We’ll integrate your new LiveChat account with your ecommerce platform so your new customers go straight to your records, where they belong.

Sales booster package

Answer questions on products to generate more leads from your traffic. Provide a helping hand through your customer’s journey with on-page help and pay special attention to those pesky forms and drop-off pages.

LiveChat Setup

With custom window branding and friendly agent profiles setup, we’ll help you build trust with prospects and generate more leads from your existing traffic.

Greeting optimisation for lead generation

We’ll help you optimise your live chat strategy to connect with prospects at the right time with personalised, lead-generating messaging to qualify more of your traffic.


Online sales are hard! So get the best in online sales training for your agents. Unlock customer needs in conversation using LiveChat’s awesome features to bring your prospects through pesky forms and generate leads with the power of awesome

Follow up with new leads ASAP

Never miss out on a warm lead again. We’ll give you our CallConnect tool so you can hand off a chat lead straight to your sales team via phone.

Goal setup

Track your leads! We’ll set up your lead generation goals in LiveChat so you can see new leads and measure your chat data easily.


We’ll set up your LiveChat so all chats and personal data go straight to your CRM. That means you can nurture leads in your own precious time!

Customer service booster package

LiveChat is the fastest way to help your customers. Sweeten the deal with our award-winning live chat for help desks so you can deliver amazing/awesome customer service.

LiveChat Setup for customer service

Does your CS team need a helping hand to start? We’ll design a chatbox for anything your help desk might need, from customer document upload to pre-chat surveys so you can route queries to the right agent. And agent profiles for friendly service?
We can set those up too.

LiveChat training for customer experience

A good CX strategy is all about beating expectations. Delight your customers with our cheat sheet programme! From KPIs to handling multiple customers to strategy, we’ll help you make your LiveChat work hard to deliver the best CX. We’ll train your team to respond in record time, how to dispatch chat data straight from your help desk to your CRM for easy follow-up, and resolve 9 out of 10 cases on the spot, no matter how difficult the customer question!

Greeting optimisation for customer service

Reach out to customers when they need it.  We’ll set up your LiveChat to track and target visitors who need help and deliver a personal, friendly message to get their issue resolved.

Follow up with your customers right away

Want to check how your customer found the service or just make sure they’re happy? We’ve got the tools to generate a friendly email right after the chat closes.

Make managing CS easy

We’ll show you how to use all of LiveChat’s built-in reporting and management tools so you can crunch numbers on the fly and become a CSAT superhero.

Pick and mix

Need a little specific help setting up? Let’s get you started.


We’ll make you look good. We can add your logo and brand colours to the chat window to integrate it flawlessly with your web designer’s hard work.

Facebook integration and Facebook Messenger integration

Keep all your conversations in one place. Integrate LiveChat with your Facebook page and Facebook Messenger.

Canned Response creation and upload

Have to give disclaimers? Work in law, public services, or finance? From necessary compliance statements to friendly hold responses while your team gets in-depth information, give your customers consistency with tried and true canned responses.


No matter what you need to succeed, we’re here to help

  • System admin training
    • We’ll show you how to use all the bells and whistles
  • Reporting training
    • We’ll get you set up to report on your LiveChat success like a pro
  • Agent training
    • From difficult customer handling to the best in LiveChat sales training, we’ve got what your team needs

CRM integration

Need help keeping track of your conversations and customers? We’ll integrate your new LiveChat account with your CRM so your leads and support queries go where they belong.

Goal setup

We’ll make it easy for you to measure your LiveChat success! Goal setup so you can track and analyse ecommerce conversion, online sales, and resolution rates.

Behavioral greetings

Saying ‘Hello’ makes all the difference! We’ll help you get it right with data-backed greetings setup. Proactively greet visitors with custom, logic-driven invitations to chat based on where each visitor is in the journey.

Custom mobile bar

Have a special project for mobile? We’ll get you the best mobile chat window for your site to boost conversions and provide support.

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